Feature Basic Standard
Add and edit basic information like ProductName, Manufacturer, ProductCode, UpgradeCode, Version, Language and more.
Show only the properties that you require or show all properties.
Add Installer icon.
Add bigback and banner images.
Add License.
Add .NET condition with the necessary properties in one click.
Add directory structure for files, desktop or startmenu shortcuts.
Add and manage files in one place.
Add Features and Component or ComponentGroups.
Add user interface.
Show and manage the Wix-Toolset files.
Add one or select multiple wxs files without the need for a project file.
Change the WixPie layout for the task.
Add or remove WixExtensions and namespaces automatically.
Create the installer by pressing on Build.
Generate logging file in the installer directory.
Create an MSI installer or use the Burn engine and bundle a Web .NET installer.
Added possibility to create a uninstall shortcut in the directory page.
With XML coverage the used elements are highlighted in the xml view. (extensions are not supported for now)
Remove empty components and componentref elements after a delete.
Readonly support for include files (wxi)
Reposition elements.
Change element location.
Add shortcuts
With the IIS (Virtual Directory) Package you can create a virtual directory insite the Default Website
With the IIS Package you can create a Website with AppPool
Use the executable file version number
Installer Sequence (Custom Action) Package
Reposition layout filter packages with drag & drop
Windows Services
Register file extension associations.
List all components