WixPie is something new......WixPie stands for an idea...an idea to help people find and create amazing solutions without losing control and to learn by doing. With WixPie we want to create software with a great dynamic layout and a great user experience.

WixPie is intended for everybody, the beginner that struggles with some code for creating an IIS website or the professional who is beginning with his or her first burn bundle script but need a push in the right direction for creating amazing installers based on WPF. In either case something beautiful born from frustration.


The common goal needs to be to make coding easy without losing control. What happens with your installers when the company that makes it doesn't exist anymore five to ten years from now? WixPie will not bind you to it's software. If you don't want to use it ...don't use it.

Many programs are web based nowadays but amazing software like Photoshop, Microsoft Visual Studio, Rhino 3d, Autodesk Maja, Autodesk 3d studio max and many more are desktop programs and programs like that need installers.

We here at WixPie believe that the WiX Toolset the best choice is for creating any installer and with WixPie we can help people to create amazing installers without losing control over their own product.