• WixPie v2.4 v2.4.0.1


    WixPie Basic
    • Add and edit basic information like ProductName, Manufacturer, ProductCode, UpgradeCode, Version, Language and more.
    • Show only the properties that you require or show all properties.
    • Add Installer icon.
    • Add bigback and banner images.
    • Add License.
    • Add .NET condition with the necessary properties in one click.
    • Add directory structure for files, desktop or startmenu shortcuts.
    • Add and manage files in one place.
    • Add Features and Component or ComponentGroups.
    • Add user interface
    • Show and manage the Wix-Toolset files.
    • Add one or select multiple wxs files without the need for a project file.
    • Change the WixPie layout for the task.
    • Add WixExtensions and Namespaces automatically and create the installer by pressing on Build
    • Create an msi installer or use the Burn engine and bundle a Web .NET installer.
    • Added possibility to create a uninstall shortcut in the directory page. (v2.2)
    • With XML coverage the used elements are highlighted in the xml view.  (extensions are not supported for now) (v2.2)
    • Remove empty components and componentref elements after a delete.(v2.2)
    • Readonly support for include files (wxi) (v2.3)


    WixPie Standard

    In WixPie Basic we included a 5 day Trial.

    • With the IIS (Virtual Directory) Package you can create a virtual directory insite the Default Website
    • With the IIS Package you can create a Website with AppPool
    • Use the version of a executable (v2.3)
    • Installer Sequence (Custom Action) Package (v2.4)




    Minimum system requirements:

    Windows 7 SP1 or newer (Windows 8, 8.1, and 10)

  • WixPie (Preview 2) v1.0.1397

    This is the only version with a MSI Dialog Editor, when there is an other version with that functionality this version will be removed.

    In this preview only the following elements are shown:

    • Product
    • Package
    • Media
    • MediaTemplate
    • MajorUpgrade
    • UIRef

    And the following extensions are included:

    • MSI Dialog editor



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