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  • 12717452_544727065708699_6102594827048744099_n_png

    WixPie (Preview 6.5) v1.6.5.14

    • Added support for deleting files from the context menu in the file manager.
    • Focused on improving the performance and user interface.
    • Bug fixes.


    You can try the tutorials to see what you can do with WixPie  https://wixpie.com/documentation

      capture v6 0

    Minimum system requirements:

    Windows 7 SP1 or newer (Windows 8, 8.1, and 10)

  • wp-release-01_188932105

    WixPie (Preview 2) v1.0.1397

    This is the only version with a MSI Dialog Editor, when there is an other version with that functionality this version will be removed.

    In this preview only the following elements are shown:

    • Product
    • Package
    • Media
    • MediaTemplate
    • MajorUpgrade
    • UIRef

    And the following extensions are included:

    • MSI Dialog editor



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