WixPie has tab pages at the top that you can compare as the buttons of a Wizard only with WixPie you can go back to any step you want.


The tab pages can have different views like a list with options or a tree view for displaying files and folders. The default filter package 'Simple installer(MSI)" has the following views.


  • Used for selecting the UIRef
  • Used for all element properties in other views like the TreeView

A PropertyView is a list with elements that we call the header it has one button that displays the element status and changes by pressing the button.


  • ElementCreate When you press this button the element will be created
  • ElementDelete When you press this button the element will be deleted
  • ElementDisabled The button is disabled because the element has a parent that doesn't exist.


Underneath the header the available properties are listed. Properties that are required will have a orange square at the begin of the name and a property that you most likely want to use will have a blue square. 


If the value is yellow the property doesn't exist in the document(s).


If you want to show all properties that are possible with the selected element you can change the checkbox "Select All Properties" in the WixPie options panel.


  • Used for element listings like Icon, Variable, Property, Condition, Directory, DirectoryRef, Feature, ComponentGroup


A TreeView can be used to display elements and child elements. When you select a element you will see all the properties that belong with the selected element in a small PropertyView at the bottom of the TreeView.



  • Used for static options like setting a Condition