In the previous tutorial we created the Product.wxs file with Visual Studio and now we will change the Product.wxs file using WixPie.

The goal here is to create a simple msi installer that works and if it works you can change things later to your satisfaction.


So let's look at WixPie... when you open the Product.wxs file you will see that some properties are required and they have a orange square at the begin of the name. 





The following properties need to be changed because they have no value:

  • Product
    • Manufacturer: The name of the Company (required)

If you want to test the the script you can press CTRL+S to save or go tot the menu File > Save the file and reload the project file in Visual Studio and build the project. Now you will get the warning LGHT1076: ICE71: The Media table has no entries. This is because there is nothing to install.