In the Directory tabpage you will see all the Directories that are used in the script, and all elements that are inside the directory.


Adding files to the DirectoryRef:
  • If you want to add files to an Directory or DirectoryRef element you can do that with the Manage Files Extention. Select the directory where you want to add files to. Right click to open the menu an go to "Extentions > Manage Files" this will open the file manager.
  • When you selected a directory "ProgramFilesFolder" item in the previous step the directory will be pre-selected in the File Manager.
  • But because we want to put the files in the folder with the name "MyAppFolder" we need to select it from the dropdown.
  • Now we can select the files by pressing the "Select Files" button.
  • Here you can select the necessarily files.
  • Press Open
  • Now you can create a new group or select one that exists so that you can add the files to a feature later on.
  • If you want to create a new group you can select "Create a new ComponentGroup....." enter a new name for that group.
  • If you want to select a group that already exists you can select "Select a ComponentGroup....."
  • FileMag03
  • Now you can select the file that needs a shortcut (here it is "CoolApp.exe") and check the Create shortcut checkbox.
  • FileMag04
  • Now you need to change things like the the location for the shortcut, and here you can select a icon if you want to.
  • FileMag06
  • After that you can press OK