To edit wxs files we can use Visual Studio or any other text editor, but if you want to change one simple thing like adding a shortcut icon or changing the Directory Id with all the DirectoryRef Ids you can use WixPie without the direct need to understand the WiX syntax.


First of all you need to install some software:
  1. Install WixPie, the latest version can be downloaded here

Now you can open one or more files with WixPie and it will treat them as one big file:

If you want to see how the files look like you can go to the Options panel and select the option 'Show XML Memory' this will display all the files that are loaded. When you want to see what happens to you're files you can leave this open to see the changes.


  1. Select the file you want to edit:
    • Go to the file with the Open File Dialog and select one or multiple files.
    • Now press the Open button.
  2. Or if you want to open only the Product file used from Visual Studio:
    • Open Visual Studio (you can leave it open for building the installer)
    • Open the Wix installer project with Visual Studio.
    • Open the Product.wxs file in Visual Studio 
    • Right click on the tab page that has the name Product.wxs and select Copy full path from the menu.
    • Open WixPie
    • Go to menu File -> Open
    • In the Open File dialog you can past the file path you just copied into the File Name textbox using the key combination CTRL + V or use past from the right click menu.
    • Now press the Open button.

Select the correct package:

Now you need to decide what you want to change in your script. In this tutorial we will use the options for creating a basic installer script.

  1. Go to the Layout panel
  2. Select the option "Simple installer(MSI)" now you will see all the tab pages for a simple installer script.