To create the installer you need the WiX-Toolset and you can use Visual Studio or WixPie to make the build. Here I will explane how to use Visual Studio to Build the installer that you can use for automated deployments.

If you don't need that you can skip this tutorial and go to the How to build using WixPie tutorial.


First of all you need to install some software:
  1. Install visual studio community edition or Professional (any version with plugin support will work). Votive the Visual-Studio integration plugin for the WiX-Toolset will not work in the express version.
  2. Install the WiX-Toolset For this tutorial you can use the last stable version.
Create a installer project:
  • Open Visual Studio
  • Go to the menu File -> New -> Project
  • Select Windows Installer XML 
  • Select Setup Project
  • You can change the name of the installer project in something other than 'SetupProject1' but for now we will stick with it.
  • Now you can build the project but it will give some error like: 
    The Product/@Manufacturer attribute's value cannot be
     an empty string. If a value is not required, simply remove the entire attribute.
    Except for the error we have a working environment to create installers, now you are ready to change the Product.wxs file to include things like Directories, Files, Features and the rest.