To create the installer you need the WiX-Toolset and you can use Visual Studio or WixPie to make the build. Here I will explane how to use Visual Studio to Build the installer.


First of all you need to install some software:
  1. Install visual studio community edition or Professional (any version with plugin support will work). Votive the Visual-Studio integration plugin for the WiX-Toolset will not work in the express version.
  2. Install the WiX-Toolset For this tutorial you can use the last stable version.
Create a installer project:
  • Open Visual Studio
  • Go to the menu File -> New -> Project
  • Select Windows Installer XML 
  • Select Setup Project
  • You can change the name of the installer project in something other than 'SetupProject1' but for now we will stick with it.
  • Now you can build the project but it will give some error like: 
    The Product/@Manufacturer attribute's value cannot be
     an empty string. If a value is not required, simply remove the entire attribute.
    Except for the error we have a working environment to create installers, now you are ready to change the Product.wxs file to include things like Directories, Files, Features and the rest.